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Vision: K4S (Knowledge4Sharing) is a non-profit academy for Sustainable Development, covering all SDGs and their related thematic issues. It brings together brilliant minds and key players from the different business sectors internationally under one mission - to share the experience and knowledge that was gained in world leading industries and universities.


Mission: Our aim is to support people around the globe who are lacking necessary funds to allow themselves to receive appropriate high level education. We are creating for them the opportunity to be prepared for the world of tomorrow, by offering world class education.


Value: Participants will be asked to donate a symbolic amount of money (up to 50 Euros) during the registration process and all donations will go to charity. At the end of each program all the participants will decide together where to transfer money (e.g. homeless baby shelters, people with hard diseases, aid to families with dependent children, etc.). When a transaction is completed proof of payment is provided to the participants for transparency. ​

Besides spreading world class knowledge around the globe, our aim is to financially support people who need it most.

Each and every program is designed by worldwide experts according international standards and proven best practice, providing executive and comprehensive knowledge about each and every subject provided within the scope of the program.


This is a never-before-seen phenomenon, this is a true sustainable revolution, this is K4S - Knowledge for Sharing, Charity and a Better Future.

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